JM's Video Loader - Help 01

This is the main window that you get when you run the program.
It's self-explanatory - for me - but I will give some explanations anyway

so - from the top to the down

New Playlist, Load Playlist and Save Playlist :

New Playlist : choose the files il your list
Load Playlist : loads a saved playlist
Save Playlist : saves the actual playlist

Then you may change your list with the buttons on the right side :

- the Up arrow / triangle makes the selected clip go upper one row
- the Down arrow / triangle makes it go downer one row

- the Plus sign makes the clip played one time more (you see the total duration under the image on the right)
- the Minus sign makes it played one time less (but not under one)

- the Folder inserts another clip file in the list
- the Cross deletes a clip file from the list

Run Playlist opens an options form and runs the playlist

Select will put all the clips you selected in your first playlist window into the second one - so you can easily generate many playlists from a main one.

The second playlist window has the same functions than the first. You can run the selection you just did, and save it.

Special features :

when you double-click on a clip's name in a list, the program will run from that clip - and not from the list's beginning

you may stop the viewing when you like - with a right click on the image, for instance, and just close the view window by clicking on the window's.up right corner - but if unfortunately you try to stop just at the moment when a clip ends and another is loading, the result is unpredictable, but often a program crash, without any consequences.