Mind Organizer Software

The Mind Organizer system surpasses the usual hierarchical organization of documents.

Any document may belong to many folders, subfolders, etc, at the same time.

Among the advantages, the same document - for instance, a quote - may be used at the same time in different "sets" that are kinds of virtual books or virtual folders

What is Mind Organizer ?

Mind Organizer is a smart hypertext software. It will never organize your mind :) but is intended to help people to find valuable links in the mass of their textual data. It avoids the hierarchical system that works in most software, and even in the file system; but it's not only a linking system as in most hypertext softwares (most free-linking systems end to hierarchically organized applications, as we may see on the Web), it allows multiple-hierarchy for the elements. Any element may belong to as many sets as the user needs.

If you like to know some more about hypertexts and the ideas that leaded to this program, follow the Hypertext Theory link

Download Mind Organizer

You will get an empty database. If you want a sample database - mainly on anthropology, and in French, sorry - you can download it here. It gives you  hundreds of quotes on anthropology, and a big list ok keywords. I wiped out my personal notes. Very useful to look at the program working with a big list of keywords and references. There is no access code for this database. You may put it anywhere, but the easiest way is to put it in the same directory than Mind Organizer (default c:\program files\mind organizer)

BEWARE : If the program crashes at the opening, the sample database - and any database you may load - shall have attributes set to Read/Write. Right Click on the database in the file folder, and check Properties. If the database is read-only, the database engine will refuse to open it the program will crash. This problem is supposed to be solved and not happen anymore, but who knows...

TELL ME : this program is compiled with a french version of VB6. I am never sure it will not make problems to "normal" (i-e : american-english) systems. If the install program warns you about new components to install in a different language than yours, never use my french components and keep your ones. It will happen only if my components are more recent than the ones on your system. If your system is up-to-date it shall not be any problem. If you get some problems tell me, thanks.

Write me @ : dev@mindorg.com